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Author Topic: GUESS THE GOAL 22/23; guide, points, bonuses, rules and the Table! 🥅  (Read 3621 times)

Offline Godfrey Brian

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  • GM : 03.02.2025
Congratulations Frank, a phenomenal final day. Thanks to you Lou for all your hard work throughout the season. It's a great competition.

Offline Axl Rose

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  • GM : 02.04.2022
Well done Frank! Congratulations!!

Thank you for doing all of this, Lou. You're an absolute hero!

Offline nordenvillain

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Well done Frank !

Thanks to Lou for all the hard work creating and maintaining the tables, you're a star ! !

I see I've finished in the same position that we all want to see Villa finish next Sunday - It's an omen I tell you !

Offline Towser

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  • GM : 10.06.2025
well done frank, damn, one point in it, always the bridesmaid lol thank you Louzie0 for all your hard work once again

Offline Nunkin1965

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  • This is only a problem.
Congratulations to Frank on the big win!
And once again a big thank you Louzie0 for all your hard work in running the competitions.

Offline JD

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  • GM : 19.01.2025
Congratulations Frank, very well played sir.

Thank you Lou for organising this again.

Offline Skerra

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Thanks again Louize for organising this, always good fun

Offline frank

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  • GM : 29.01.2025
Well, I didn't expect that and didn't even check until today. Perhaps this is an omen for Villa - winning a prize on the last day of the season. Very many thanks to Lou for your excellent organisation all through the season.

Offline Louzie0

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  • GM : 04.03.2025
Congratulations Frank!
Very well played at the end!

And as always, thanks to everyone for playing and Iím glad youíve all enjoyed this season.
Fingers crossed for an exciting fixture or two Abroad, next season.


Offline Legion

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  • Oh, it must be! And it is! Villa in the lead!
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  • GM : 05.04.2019
Well done, Frank. Thank you for doing all this, Louzie0.


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