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Author Topic: GUESS THE GOAL 22/23; guide, points, bonuses, rules and the Table! 🥅  (Read 55 times)

Offline Louzie0

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Hello again everybody and welcome to Guess The Goal 🥅 for 2022 / 2023!

This competition is for AWAY GAMES including the Cups as drawn until the Final! 😃👍

This is your introduction to Guess the Goal. Players guess the minute a goal will be scored in the away games during this season.

Itís either our goal or an unfriendly one but itís still a goal and it scores you points! Thatís the basis of this game.

How this works on H&V.

I post a clearly labelled single match thread in Heroes Discussion.  You choose which minute of that match a goal will be scored, posting your guess in there before Kick Off. 

I post scores at the end of the Guess thread shortly (24/48 hours) after the end of the match.

The Table appears in here, updated after every 2 rounds.

We play menís away and Cup competitions. If thereís a chance this season, weíll play an Aston Villa Womenís team fixture again! 👍

Excited yet? Thereís more....

How many points can I score and how do I win?

Scoring your Guess:

Spot on the minute - 11 points!!!  🌟 denoted by a star!

Up to 1 minute away 10 points.

Up to 2 minutes 9 points.

Up to 3 minutes 8 points.

Up to 4 minutes 7 points

Up to 5 minutes 6 points

Up to 6 minutes 5 points

Up to 7 minutes 4 points

Up to 8 minutes 3 points

Up to 9 minutes 2 points

Entering the round 1 point 😁

No goals - everyone gets a point for playing the round! 😃

Bonuses like scoring double points for Wild Things happen in random months in the season!


You post a guess identifying any minute of the match between 0 to 90.

   e.g. 5. 13. 29. 34. 48. 57. 61. 72. 86. 90 and any variation on this theme.

If you want to guess an extra time goal, use 45+ and 90+; no specific minutes are needed.

Any Goal scored within reach of your Guess scores you points!!!

This means that a good guess can net you 20 + points when we play Liverpool. 🤞

Points per goal are awarded for the minute a goal is published as being scored, on the BBC.

Rounds are launched up to a few days before a match. I avoid overlapping rounds and there will be some very short run-ins, so be prepared!  8)

Results for a Round are posted at the end of that thread and the updated Table appears in here.  The final result will be posted here at the end of the season. 

Youíre always welcome to post comments and questions about GTG in here, thanks. If it makes more sense in the thread, fair enough!

Really Important Bit

You post just One Guess of just one minutein a round.


No editing of that post, please. 

For the worried:

If youíve accidentally posted The Wrong Minute or 3+ digits, 1 lonely digit, a strange emoji, a gif or a flight of random apostrophes, then Do Not Edit, post again and tell me why and that this is your real Guess.  It could work.

For the opportunistic / litigious:

You canít have a second guess by this method. Your first must be a GTG 🥅 disaster.

Look What You Could Win!

Result of 21/22 Season

The final result after 33 Rounds:

185 Louzie0! 🌟👍🎉😎🥇🏆

182 Towser! 🌟🌟👍😃🎸🥈

180 simboy! 👍👏🚀😃🎺🥉

170 Nunkin1965 🌟😀🍻👏🏅

Result of 20/21 season:

Final Guess The Goal Table after Rounds 43 and 44!

213: NíZMAV!!! 🌟🥇🏆 8). CHAMPION!

182: thick_mike! 🥈 😃

181: AndyLochheadInTheAir!  🥉 😁

180: simboy!  🏅 😀

Result of 2020 mini season after just 10 games:

48:   Towser!    8).       Wow!  Brilliant, Congratulations 😃

42:   CDBWF!   ;D.       Cor!  Still got it, CD!  😀

37:   Rotterdam82!  😀     Still a Champions League spot    😁

(Any escalation in the use of emojis can be attributed to...anything you like, really!)

And now, stand by for the first Match and GTG 🥅 result - AFCBournemouth v VILLA!

Guess The Goal Round 1 🥅 is up and running in Heroes Discussion right now, so get your guesses in before Kick Off tomorrow! 👍🌟


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