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Author Topic: Mirga's band  (Read 100644 times)

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Mirga's band
« on: August 07, 2021, 01:22:40 AM »
I well remember the day in February 1979 when Trevor Francis was transferred from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest and in doing so became the first million pound footballer.  Surely nobody can possibly be worth that much?

Well we have now reached the days of the hundred million pounds footballer and the amazing thing is that the individual has so far plied his trade in the claret and blue of Aston Villa for the last umpteen years. I can only reiterate the comments of 33 years ago.  Nobody can possibly be worth that much, least of all Jack Grealish.

I can but recall the comments of a Manchester United supporter when his transfer was first mooted. “We’ve only had five penalties so far this season, think how many we’ll get now if we sign him?"  It is tempting to think Manchester City only signed him to prevent Manchester United from having him but after his sojourn on the England substitutes bench, and like Gareth Southgate United seemed to have cooled towards him of late and have been prepared to let City empty their coffers.

It is an interesting thought that I was only paying about £1 to watch a match in 1979, so by current economics I should be paying £100 from now on but fortunately prices at Villa Park have traditionally been kept low thanks to the wisdom of our forefathers in originally setting season tickets at 5/- each in perpetuity. Unsurprisingly it was Doug Ellis who upped the ante when he discovered this ancient rite.  But £100 is closer to the price some clubs are now charging for the top seats, so be thankful.

It is interesting to speculate whether Manchester City will believe they have received value for their bucks but more tempting to speculate how many games it will take before Grealish is demoted to the substitutes bench with the excuse that he is being ‘rested’  We shall see..

Meanwhile the announcement of his transfer coincided with the appearance on BBC2 of the one genuine £100 million asset that we do have in the city of a thousand trades. I refer unequivocally to Symphony Hall, the City of Brimingham Symphony Orchestra and the incomparable MIRGA

Mirga is more Simon Rattle than Simon Rattle and more Sakari Orama than Sakari Orama. Incidentally Sakari, another of Birmingham’s famous lost sons gets to conduct the Last Night of the Proms this year.  An honour which must surely be within the grasp of Mirga any year now Need a conductor? Go take a look at Birmingham

If you have ever wondered what an orchestra conductor does beyond the rehearsal then pay good money to watch Mirga in action.  Watch what she does and you will be able to tell milliseconds before it happens just who is playing what when and where.  It is an education like watching a top flight athlete in action. 

Last year I had the pleasure of seeing Mirga in action in Munich. At first the 75% full audience appeared to greet with scepticism the sight of this diminutive young lady deigning to conduct such a large orchestra  But by the last note they were standing and cheering a virtuoso performance and it was not all for pianist Yuja Wang.

On the way out I stood ten feet tall proud to tell everybody in earshot,  “I come from Birmingham.”

“Aren’t you lucky?”

Last night below the waist she stood feet unmoving firmly on the rostrum but above the waist she was all movement and apart but above the waist she was all music and movement with a broad smile which spoke volumes for how much she enjoys conducting, ‘her band’.  No flash bow tie and starched shirt but a loose fitting black dress which may have doubled as her night attire.

My greatest fear is that one day the affluent orchestras of Vienna, Berlin or New York will come sniffing around and, like Grealish, she will be persuaded to sell her soul to the devil and be lost to Birmingham.

A decade ago I went through the calendar and started to book for a season of concerts at Symphony Hall.  Having chosen those I wanted to go to hear but before I pressed ‘buy’ on my computer I suddenly realised I was committing myself to over £900-worth of tickets. What the hell,  let's go for it. But at the time my regular seat cost ‘only’ £25.  Last time I looked the price had gone up to £45
So citing transport difficulties from fifty miles away I am no longer a regular at Symphony Hall.

But if there is one thing that persuades me to go it is the programme note, "Conductor, MIRGA GRAZINYTE-TYLA." 

Visitors to the Commonwealth Games next year would be well advised to book early for the brightest star in the Birmingham firmament.

John Russell

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Re: Mirga
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2021, 10:39:54 AM »
I was a big fan of Mr. Rattle, both for his talent and what he did for Brum. However, he did live up to his name sometimes and quicker than Tony Daley. Thanks for this, completely out of touch and never heard of the lady! I will make an effort to get down. Any recommendations?

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Re: Mirga's band
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2021, 07:48:09 AM »
She certainly is amazing to watch! She appears to dance her way through the music while at the same time having all the musicians in the grip of her hand, Sublime

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Re: Mirga's band
« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2021, 01:43:57 AM »
Perhaps she's a modern Thelonius Monk!


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