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Author Topic: Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa post match thread  (Read 9271 times)

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Re: Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa post match thread
« Reply #195 on: December 05, 2019, 10:38:25 PM »
when the going gets tougher heís not the man quote author=john e link=topic=60376.msg3679555#msg3679555 date=1575545997]

Canít make my mind up which is the most soulless passionless ground to watch football in between
Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Spurs been to them all, three of them this season and every time I come away thinking thank fuck we are not them

My Bulgarian colleague has mates from home who try to bag tickets for London games and two of them were in the East stand last night (the 3 tier one to our right).

He relayed to me that they were very impressed with our support and could not believe how quiet Chelsea fans were. But most weirdly of all in that stand they have heaters hanging from the gantry, like the ones you see outside some restaurants. Can't say I have ever seen that before. Have sent the photo to Aftab who will hopefully post the photo here.

A lot of London fans I have met over the years are the same as us - normal people with a limit to their budget. They have been priced out of football. A mate of Kingthing last night was telling me he pays £750 for his season ticket at Chelsea but could pay more than twice that at Arsenal. A lot of daytrippers get tickets from people who buy season tickets and release them on a match by match basis. The number of sellers of half and half scarves was ridiculous, too.

Success comes with consequences.
I've always thought some kind of heating on the concourses for a half time defrost would be great on the coldest of winter days and would encourage more sales of alcohol!! 

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Re: Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa post match thread
« Reply #196 on: December 06, 2019, 02:48:44 PM »
The score probably flatters us a bit, and the fact we almost equalised near the end probably says a lot about where Chelsea as a side. To be fair to them, they are in a transition but they'll need another season or two with this group to compete for the title (barring a big window when their ban finishes).

Heaton was excellent I thought. Luiz was decent when he came on. Marvellous played well. Elmo was good, and Trezeguet is finally looking a player.

For me, this was a harsh lesson for Konsa. Playing quality attacking opposition, he got a schooling on concentration and positioning. He was ropey and nervy all game. I think this was a game for Engels, who apart from anything is a bit more aggressive and could have given Tammy more attention.
I love Mings. He has 'moments' in every game. It's easy to forget he's still relatively young, and in footbaling minutes, even more so (particularly at this level). Things he got away with at Championship, he's getting punished for now. Last night Chelsea didn't capatalise on a few of his ricks, but other sides will. Would I drop him? No chance, because he's so influential. Much like Dunne, who always had a mare moment in him (not so many as Tyrone, but he was 30 odd and clocked up a lot of games), I think we'd look worse off with him out the side. I remember when Dunne was having a poor run under Houllier wanting him out the side. We looked shitter without him.

Wesley...oh Wesley. 3-4 games aside (2 excellent games and a couple looking okay) he's just been poor. I get that he's a bit isolated and the service isn't always great, but he's not switched on. Lone striker is a difficult position but it's the predominent striker role these days. No one plays two up. Not so many play one dropped off. If you can't play that role when you're 6ft10 of muscle in 2019, then you're in the wrong game altogether. There could be a player there, but honestly, we're damaging by playing him over and over. As others have said, could Kodjia be any worse? Otherwise Dean has to re-adjust things and alter the system. If Davis was fit I think he'd be playing. In 3 weeks we've got to be ready to pull in a forward, because Wesley's going one way, and that's Balaban central.

The biggest thing for me with Wesley is that he doesn't make anything look easy. It might be confidence, or the divisional step up, but everything looks hard. Controlling a ball, heading a ball, making a 5 yard pass. I'm shocked he's a Brazilian international. Even Heskey, for all his faults could have games when he'd make the hold up play look easy. Granted you'd get no goals out of him but (under Houllier at least) he was quite effective in allowing Downing and Young opportunities to make up the goal return. It's like playing with 10 men. At this point I'd rather stick AEG or Trezeguet up as a false 9 and have them run around a bit, offer some energy, because if we're doing one thing reasonably well, it's getting our attacking mids in space in the box. Almost every cross that comes in ends up going to a midfielder, because Wesley seems to be persistently out of the 'action' spots. We need George Weah up front, not George Weah's cousin.

Completely agree.
Wesley needs a rest ( and I dont mean that in a nasty way, lone striker will be tiring physically & mentally after all these games) and if they do that "false 9" you suggest, you can have the wingers rotating from winger / forward during the game, and have some energy. And AEG & Trezeguet have shots on them, which is always good.

And then maybe bring Wesley on for the last 10 or so to see a game out, holding the ball up.

Something has to change.
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