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Aston Villa vs Millwall Match Thread

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Toronto Villa:
Today we go for our 10th straight win. In honour of that and as an inspiration I present you the greatest number 10 in club history - Sir Sidney Cowans.

The line up

Game is also live on AVTV for everyone - yep including you folks in the UK

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Toronto Villa:
Great to see Kodjia back in the starting line up and Tommy on the bench also. Hopefully Axel and Tammy will return for the final games and playoffs.

Hope it's not a game too far for Whelan. A bit disappointed for Keinan,  I think he's done enough to earn a start but in fairness to Danger he was lethal at Rotherham and were it not for injury, would have got action in the last two games.

Good to see Elphick fit to be on the bench, we just don't have a consistent pairing at the back due to injuries this season. Incredible the number of combos we've had back there since August.

Great nod to and pic of Sid by the way.

Getting Tammy and Axel back in time for the play offs will be a huge boost, just in time, and will give other teams a real headache.

I like Kodjia but was hoping for the physicality of Davis today.


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