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Guess The Crowd 2018/19; Divisions, Points and Bonuses!

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Welcome to Guess The Crowd for the 2018/19 season!

Hello, everybody!

Fresh from the World Cup and a near miss in May for the fantastic VILLA, GTC is coming home!   
So, get your teams out of the bar bath and on to the training pitch, to run around cut-out men, practice scorpion / bicycle kick goals and tiptoe through the cones in their bibs.

They have to get fit for an even more fabulous season of Guess The Crowd which kicks off later on this evening.

If you're new to this:
The idea in every round is to guess what you think the official attendance figure will be, for that match. I post the figure that AVFC releases to the press at the end of every round on the Guess thread and award points according to how close you are to the total.

GTC is played for every home game and all Cup games.  This means there are loads of overlapping rounds. Take care as you may guess only once in a round.

Usual rules apply again, this season.
These are:

One guess only in a round, per team.  (Accidentally posting a second guess will not get you more points as only your first guess is counted.)

No editing of your post.
Editing means you get only 1 point that round. Aaaaaaargh!

You must post your guess before Kick Off.
Discretion is used in the event of multiple posts around then, e.g. from several teams all getting in at the last second.


What could you get? 

Stand by: GTC now goes up to 11!!!   Even more points !!!
11 Points for a Brucie Bonus - which is a spot on guess, usually early on - check the BB interval in my launch post of the round to win this.   ;)

10 points. For a spot- on accurate guess posted after the BB interval.
9   points. For a guess up to 10 away from the official attendance total.
8.  For a guess up to 50 away
7.  For a guess up to 100 away
6.  For a guess up to 200 away
5.  For a guess up to 300 away
4.  For a guess up to 400 away
3.  For a guess up to 500 away
2.  For a guess up to 1000 away
1.  For entering that round!  :) 

This means there are more points now for everybody guessing up to 300 away from the total, which should help to get the Divisions going!

Other info if you havenít played before:

GTC rounds are posted about 10 days before a regular home league match and about a week before for a Cup Extra round.

Check the launch post for details of kick off, extra capacity at VP ( Upper Trinity is usually closed) and if it's a cup round, the capacity at the host ground when we're playing Away.

If a team has not posted a guess in 7 regular consecutive GTC rounds, the team will be relegated with their points so far, straight to Division 4. 

Once there's a space in any Division, the top ranking team in the Division below is promoted immediately to fill it!

You can join in on any round in the season.  Keep your team active and youíll get promoted, as soon as possible. 

Itís never too late to Guess The Crowd!!!

A note about capacity  ;)
VP capacity is still a bit of a mystery without the UT, but with it, it is 42,640 odd, from a figure published a couple of years ago. Since then, there have been various alterations to the ground so it probably isn't what it used to be!

Championship League games tend to be played without it. Opinion last season thought that current capacity could be anywhere between 32K - 35K +.
Good luck with that.

Also: Last season, Dr Tony opened the Upper Trinity - or parts of it - very late in the run-up to certain matches to sell more tickets. No idea if our new owners will do that. If they do, well, themís the breaks, no second guesses allowed, sorry!

And so...
...it's time to launch the first Guess thread of this season!

Look for, 'GTC 1 Villa v Wigan Saturday 11th Augustí, later this evening.

The very best of luck to us all, and here's hoping for a season ending in promotion for our own, shared, wonderful and infinitely brilliant team, Aston Villa!


Thanks for setting up again Lou 👍

Looking forward to the season, Dazvillain!


Thanks for doing this again Lou.  :)

Looking forward to improving from mid table into a European spot this season. 

darren woolley:
Thank's for doing this again Lou can't wait for it to start again.


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