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Author Topic: Aaron Tshibola - On loan to MK Dons  (Read 54125 times)

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Re: Aaron Tshibola - On loan to MK Dons
« Reply #540 on: November 11, 2017, 09:57:17 PM »
I was out having a drink with some MK Dons fans last night they said he started off well and looked good early on but then stopped trying his attitude stunk after he got sent off he just started taking the piss
sounds like another billy big bollocks to me a bit of ability but no desire, discipline or work ethic to go with it

I drove past the ground today as I was taking my dad out for lunch.  I'd like to see them go up, as MK still has a lot of memories for me.

yeah I haven't got a massive problem with MK Dons, I know a lot of others have

I think part of it was I always hated Wimbledon not because they were small fry playing above there level but because they were cheating, conniving, dirty anti football bastards I hated watching there their shitty football (apart from FA Cup final obvs) and so I didn't care for them

MK went to the schools and youngsters to try and build their support base which is pretty crap to be fair but anyone much under 20 won't remember the history of how they came about anyway
and I've always said I'd rather have youngsters supporting the local team than glory hunting with Man Utd Chelsea etc of which we have millions

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Re: Aaron Tshibola - On loan to MK Dons
« Reply #541 on: November 12, 2017, 06:50:59 AM »
He's 22, plenty of time to change his attitude and perhaps a spell with our youngsters will sort him. He had a couple of games early doors for us where he looked ok, perhaps he just needs the right mentor to guide him. Otherwise it's more wasted talent.