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Author Topic: Prediction League - Default Score  (Read 3187 times)

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Prediction League - Default Score
« on: September 29, 2010, 02:22:37 PM »
Following a number of questions relating to the [default score], hope this explains everything.

This applies to any users that want to use their chosen [default score] as a prediction.

Please Note:

The [default score] simply fills in the values on the page before you submit it. It does not automatically add your default score to your predictions, until you click [predict]

To change your default score, go to 'My Profile' change the score and click [change profile]

To use your default score for predictions please read all of the below, before continuing:

1. Click [My Predictions] you should now have a screen showing the next weeks games with your default score, (unless you have already entered your predictions, in which case go to 3)

2. Click [Predict] this will now change your default scores to predicted scores

3. Change the week in Predictions for yourusername [week XX] and again click [Predict]. Do this for as many as you want to.

4. Alternatively click [My Missing Predictions] which will display any weeks/matches that you have not yet predicted, your default score will be shown, so by clicking [Predict] all matches with be given your default score.

Your default score is now in place for all games/weeks available/chosen (l normally try to put on 4/5 weeks in advance at a time).

Also note that, changing your default score and clicking [predict] will NOT change any existing games you have already predicted.

You can change your [predicted score] manually at any time up to an hour or so before kick off (this may vary).

Martin / Legion