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Forum Rules

Welcome to the Heroes & Villains forum. Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines, or 'rules' if you must!

Be nice to each other.

Too many forums are destroyed by petty bickering and fighting. At the end of it all we're all fans - you may disagree with somebody's point of view, but please respect their right to have it and express it on here.

Supporters of other teams are welcome to post here - but you will be banned if you step out of line.

Seriously, please think about why you want to post here. If you want to engage in a football discussion, by all means register and join in. If you're just here to act the fool, you won't last long.

General Points

Please be aware that this is a site that is used by people of many ages, from teens (and possibly younger) up to OAPs.

This is a forum for debate and discussion. It is not intended to allow personal attacks (be it on individuals, groups of individuals or other forums), harassment, rudeness, insulting posts or purposeless inflammatory posts.

Spamming, flooding, trolling and flaming will not be tolerated. Advertising the sale of products, websites, blogs, sponsorship, etc. (unless agreed with the site owners), disguised promotional rubbish or anything similar is not permitted and will be immediately removed. Likewise, requests for tickets (with limited or no previous posting history), putting links into either your profile or signature to promote other sites or products without permission will also cause action to be taken.

Deliberate double and treble posting. repeated 'quoting', just to make a point will not be tolerated. If your permissions allow, please delete your own accidental double/treble posts or request a mod to do it for you.

Using multiple accounts for whatever reason may result in action being taken against all of those accounts. If you are doing this there are ways of finding out. Do not use anonymous proxies to hide your IP address.  If you have a genuine reason for using such a service, please contact one of the admin.

The use of text speak should be avoided at all times. There is no excuse for its use when there is a full keyboard in front of you with each letter available at a single key press. Refrain from using bold or colours other than for highlighting certain text. Don't SHOUT. The use of caps lock is the equivalent to shouting on the forums, don't continually do it, it's rude.

The use of some bad language will be tolerated on the site - football is a sport that gets us all like that. Again, if you do use bad language please consider the age of the audience. Bad language for the sake of it may be moderated/deleted. This also applies to User Names. Accounts with inappropriate user names may also be deleted.

Before posting please check to see if a thread with a similar question or point has been raised, if so please reply there rather than start a 'duplicate thread'. It will assist everyone if, when you post non-Villa related threads in the Heroes Discussion area, you prefix the title with "0% Villa". Any non-football related posts, place in Off Topic.

While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate all circumstances. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.

We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice, restrict the permissions of a user or their ability to access the forum and to ban anyone who violates the forum rules as defined in this post. Any threads/posts/users that breach any of the above may be deleted, modified or moved without notice.


If you must post images to the forum, please do so while bearing in mind the potential ages of the audience, the actual size of the image (in terms of data) and any copyright issues. Also do not include images in your signature or profile, without prior consent of the Admin team.

If possible, it would be preferable if you post a link to the image you want t draw attention to. There must be a "Not Work Safe" or "Not Child Safe" warning in the title of any threads of certain natures (e.g., Top totty, images of death, etc).

Links to Streams

This practice is not tolerated on this site. Please refrain from posting any links to streaming sites, any posts that infringe this rule will be amended/removed and offenders will find themselves subject to warnings and potentially bans if continuing to post. The rules also extend to people pestering others for links via PM.


If you are unhappy with something, for example, a post or topic, PM or the removal or locking of a thread then please use the 'report' option or PM/email a moderator or administrator, who will consider what action is to be taken. Do not start another thread asking why the other thread has been locked/removed, and definitely do not hijack another thread to do the same.

The administrators and moderators may enter into discussion about decisions taken but are not obliged to do so. Persistent PM's to admin's/moderators without a good reason may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the site.

Please do not accuse people of being, for example, "a bluenose" or "a manyoo fan" because you don't like or agree with what they are saying.

Posters including such phrases as "I know you will delete this" or "I bet I get banned for saying this" as some sort of challenge to the moderators will find the post deleted and/or themselves banned as a matter of principle.


Private messages are intended to be simply that - PRIVATE. Anyone posting the contents of a private message in any forum (including Golden Muppets) will result in action being taken. If you are concerned about the content of a PM that you have received, you should report it to a moderator or admin who will consider what action is to be taken.


These rules are with the intention of giving everyone as enjoyable an experience on the site as is possible. This is not an attempt at censorship and should not be considered as such.

Do consider other people when posting. It is easier and more pleasant to read a post that is well written, than one that sounds like it's written by an Essex youth who's only attended school twice and hangs around with a "crew".

So please be considerate to those who will read what you post. If they find it easier to read, then they will value what you have to say more highly. If you choose to talk like an uneducated plonker, then be prepared to be treated like one - nobody will think you're cool, we'll all think you're a pillock.

A note for all new members and existing ones that have not done so already, there is the OPTION of introducing yourself HERE. Also donít forget to re-visit the rules page at regular intervals, as they may be modified at any time.

In all matters relating to this site, the decision of the administration team is final.