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Other Football / Re: The Non-League Thread
« Last post by Nev on Today at 05:14:53 PM »
Me and joe c went to Stour. The opposition's assistant manager was sent off, got into at least three arguments with spectators along the touchline then had a fight with a steward.

He'd already been warned numerous times for encroachment.  He had a spell at Small Heath as a player, not that I'm suggesting anything of course.
Heroes Discussion / Re: Dean Smith - Confirmed
« Last post by Rudy Can't Fail on Today at 05:03:03 PM »
Interesting that Terry was excluded from the press conference having been previously mentioned he'd be attending. Smart move in my book. Happy the way DS said both Terry and O'Kelly are a major part of the decision making. Bibs and Cones they ain't. In his earlier interview he spoke about how O'Kelly challenges him and helps him improve. We seem to have a very clever set up and I for one am delighted the three are onboard.

Final word on Purslow. Never has a truer word been spoken, the most important man at the (or any) club is the Manager/Coach. Like him, I feel we've got the right man leading us.
Heroes Discussion / Re: Dean Smith - Confirmed
« Last post by sirlordbaltimore on Today at 05:02:11 PM »

Enjoyed that. Both came across well. Let's just take it from here and one game at a time now and see where we are come May
Heroes Discussion / Re: Dean Smith - Confirmed
« Last post by Tuscans on Today at 04:52:57 PM »
Enjoyed how both came across and sounded very professional. Nice to hear we're starting to act like a "modern" football club and good news about FFP too if true.

Bore off the int break, I'm buzzing again now.
Mine's arrived, and it's every bit as good as I'd hoped.  Love it.

Now, can we put a call into those nice people at Le Coq Sportif...?
What's the material like please?  Is it like a t-shirt or more shiny like a more modern footy kit?
Heroes Discussion / Re: Dean Smith - Confirmed
« Last post by Richard on Today at 04:42:21 PM »
Didn't realise we had so many internationals if he was only coaching 13 players today!

I'm guessing that Nyland Chester McGinn Hourihane Hogan Bolasie BB Kodjia Abraham are all away and won't be back until Weds/Thurs 
Sports Arena / Re: International Rugby
« Last post by UK Redsox on Today at 04:41:48 PM »
A return for Ben Morgan ?
Heroes Discussion / Re: Dean Smith - Confirmed
« Last post by Hookeysmith on Today at 04:41:17 PM »
A nice start. Good and steady and not overplaying the Villa fan bit, infact he seems to be downplaying it.
What was very interesting was Purslow. I thought he came across as incredibly professional and measured.
His comments on finances were particularly interesting, he obviously fully understand the implications of FFP as he was involved in the drafting of the rules,  and it really sounds like the club have got a solid grasp of what we can and can’t do, and we can still do some stuff.
It’s going to be a fascinating few months.
I agree with this 100%

Clearly he and the clubs owners (and I would imagine army of business lawyers) would have a huge understanding of the rules and how we can "use" them to our gain.  Interesting there was no mention of Dr Tony so safe to assume he has taken his money and gone.

Most clubs supporters would cut a limb off to have a sniff of a billionaire owner - we are on our 3rd and this time the whole structure has a different feeling about it - these are top professionals and Purslow  smacks of a very driven CEO

bring it on
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